Team Coaching & Development

Beneath the day-to-day complexity of meetings, deadlines, emails, tasks, and analysis, there is an opportunity to create a transformative growth experience for teams.  No matter how challenging the situation might seem, how we connect, communicate and work together makes all the difference to both measureable business performance and the growth and fulfillment of everyone on the team.

Our team coaching engagements are focused on unlocking the inherent strengths and wisdom that already exist in each team.   Outcomes of our work might include:

  • Tightly connecting team strategies and initiatives to organizational core purpose and vision;
  • Deepening the capacity to effectively work with conflict and use it as a key asset;
  • Understanding and leveraging the team’s collective and individual strengths;
  • Creating real-time feedback practices to support decision-making agility;
  • Strengthening team engagement to enhance productivity and reduce turnover;
  • Enriching team communication and utilizing diverse opinions to increase creativity, innovation and problem solving.

Our approach is to use a co-active systems model which looks at the team as a whole, rather than the sum of its parts, and also holds each team member fully responsible for both themselves and their impact on the team.  When embracing a “systems view”, teams begin to look at things as less “me versus you” and more “us”, and solutions and strategies appear that wouldn’t have otherwise.

We can work with you in a variety of ways including:

  • Transformational team development through a series of 60-90 minute coaching sessions
  • Custom designed training and team development experiences
  • Team offsite retreats
  • ½ and full day workshops on Collaborative Communication, Team Engagement and Creativity, and Leveraging Conflict as an Asset

What kinds of teams do we work best with?

We are a great match for clients:

  • With a strong commitment to growth and learning for themselves and others;
  • That see a strong connection between team dynamics and team performance;
  • Who have something big at stake – a major launch, transition;
  • That are curious and daring- open to trying new things and engaging diverse opinions;
  • Whip-smart and talented in their area of expertise and/or industry;
  • Who cherish and pursue excellence.