Leadership DEvelopment

When we understand and leverage our natural strengths, and are connected to our core purpose and the impact we want to have in the world, everything changes for the better.  We work with leaders and professionals one-on-one to unfold the heart of who they are at their very best, and support them in leading that way. 

Our style of leadership coaching is co-active and collaborative.  We know that clients are inherently capable and full of all of the wisdom they need to move forward.  We help guide conversations that open up new insights and possibilities.  We are thought partners and trusted confidants, coaches and change catalysts. 

Leadership coaching focus areas might include:  

  • Deepening your capacity to lead from your strengths;

  • Sustainable Productivity and Balance;

  • Career strategy and transitions;

  • Communicating powerfully and active listening;

  • Enhancing whole-brained decision making;

  • Clarity on your “why”– designing your compelling purpose and living your core values;

  • Understanding and working with your blindspots and challenges;

How We Work

We are available to work virtually by phone and/or Skype or in-person.  Extended 75 minute coaching sessions allow us to take a “wide angle lens” look at your work and your life, and also get into the day to day details.

Leadership coaching engagements generally last for at least four months, coaching 2x per month, and we can also schedule a ½ day customized retreat to do a deep-dive together.