We love working with our clients to support them in creating a sustainable work and home life.

Many of us hold multiple roles and have wonderful but often complex choices to make about how integrate our personal and professional lives.  How we stay productive, energized and focused at work, sustainably, without burnout and over the long term, is a question for all of us   Balancing family, friends, work and our own self-care and personal development gets messy sometimes!  For most of us, this generally does not look like evenly distributing our time and energy.  Priorities can shift from one day to the next, and sometimes one minute to the next.

There is of course no right answer, and no perfect, one-size-fits-all solution to balancing everything that’s so important.  What works and feels right during a particular time in our lives is unique to each of us.  My own experience is that being conscious about why and how we choose to focus our energy makes all the difference to our happiness and the impact we have.

Focus Areas for Balance Coaching

Working together means engaging with me as your sounding board, thought partner and passionately supportive coach to get focused and take action in areas such as:

  • Establishing practices and micro-practices to increase focus and productivity
  • Clarifying priorities and balancing work and family commitments
  • Designing career strategies and transitions to better align with priorities
  • Launching, reinventing or growing a business
  • Integrating self-care and personal time into your priorities
  • Simplifying “to-dos” and managing time and energy

How We Work

Individual sessions are 60 minutes long, generally by phone and/or Skype, and sometimes face to face and I've worked with leaders all over the world.  Coaching virtually works beautifully and allows for easier, more flexible scheduling.

Coaching fees vary based on the frequency of sessions per month, and the length of time we coach together. Most often coaching lasts a minimum of 4 months, coaching 2x per month, but we can work together in a single 90 minute laser strategy session.

Complimentary Sessions

I offer 30-minute complimentary coaching sessions for potential clients to experience coaching and see if it’s a fit.